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Cyclone electrowinning

Electrowinning: A Revolutionary Approach to Metal Extraction

Electrowinning, also known as electroextraction, is a crucial process involving the electrodeposition of metals dissolved in water through leaching from ores. In recent times, a groundbreaking electrodeposition technology called cyclone electrodeposition has emerged, presenting distinct advantages in multi-metal purification and separation.

This method finds wide application in extracting various metals, including copper, gold, silver, cobalt, nickel, and zinc, from acidic solutions like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and cyanide. Cyclone electrodeposition stands out by eliminating concentration polarization, a common issue caused by sluggish electrolyte flow, thanks to the high-speed motion of the electrolyte and electrode.

In traditional electrowinning, the thickness of the diffusion layer is reduced, promoting mass transfer while minimizing ion exchange. This technique has been in use for over two centuries, experiencing a significant surge in copper production in recent years. However, it encounters challenges when extracting metals from solutions with low metal ion concentrations due to depletion of ions in the surrounding solution.

To address this, turbulence in the medium becomes critical for enhancing mass transmission. Cyclones maintain a turbulent flow, ensuring rapid mass transfer, simplifying the process, and eliminating the need for recirculation in further processing. Notably, cyclone electrowinning technology enables the application of substantially larger current densities, resulting in highly efficient mass transfer and a significant increase in cathode production rates per square meter. This, in turn, leads to reduced capital expenses, making it an attractive choice for metal extraction.

In summary, electrowinning continues to evolve with the advent of cyclone electrodeposition, revolutionizing the metal extraction process and driving new advancements in the field of resource recovery.

Moreover, the cyclone electrowinning equipment stands out as remarkably simple, boasting few mechanical components from an engineering perspective. Its modular design ensures easy installation, scalability, and convenient transportation. Notably, the technology excels in maintaining high current efficiency and superior product quality, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

A key attribute of this technology lies in its remarkable capacity to efficiently electrowin metals even at extremely low concentrations, setting it apart as a highly efficient and versatile solution. Furthermore, the enclosed nature of the cell mitigates acid fog issues, leading to substantial cost reductions in terms of construction and maintenance, a benefit that proves invaluable for overall operational sustainability.

How cyclone electrowinning works

No additives are required, and electrowinning is typically carried out at room temperature, adding to its operational simplicity. Remarkably, the cyclone electrowinning cell exhibits higher impurity tolerance compared to a conventional cell. Its exceptional mass transport characteristics play a vital role in maximizing the recovery of the target metal while minimizing co-plating of other metals. Additionally, the cell’s confined design, devoid of a ‘water line,’ renders it highly resistant to entrained organics and chlorides.

Another advantage lies in the absence of a lead-based anode in the conventional form, eliminating a potential source of product contamination. The electrowinning equipment entails a modest capital cost, particularly when compared to the scale of operations. A single cyclone electrowinning cell requires only one cathode (Titanium starting sheet) and our patented anode, showcasing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At the core of our cyclone electrowinning system lies a cutting-edge water turbine, exclusively developed to optimize electrolyte circulation. Positioned at the bottom of the cell, the turbine propels the electrolyte through the cell at high velocity, generating a turbulent flow. This dynamic flow pattern facilitates a drop in Cu2+ concentration in the electrolyte while significantly increasing copper deposits on the Titanium cathode. Concurrently, oxygen is created at the anode and released from the cell.

To ensure a clean and efficient process, a separate system is in place to collect and treat any acid fog generated during the operation, preventing its release into the environment. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is integral to our process design.

With this groundbreaking technology, our cyclone electrowinning system achieves impressive results. Through a 23-hour cycle, substantial copper deposits, averaging around 40~60kg, are obtained, showcasing the exceptional productivity and effectiveness of our solution. Join us in embracing this revolutionary water turbine technology, elevating your electrowinning process to new heights of efficiency and sustainability.

Laboratory Use

Cyclone Electrowinning
5 Cells
  • 250mm dia x 1000mm H Cell
  • 60~70 kg / day
  • 2.5V 5000A Rectifier
  • Size: 1500 x 800 x 1800

Compact Size

Cyclone Electrowinning
10 Cells
  • 250mm dia x 1500mm H Cell
  • 400~600 kg / day
  • 2.5V 20000A Rectifier
  • Size: 1500 x 1600 x 2800


Cyclone Electrowinning
20 Cells
  • 250mm dia x 1500mm H Cell
  • 1 t~1.5 ton / day
  • 2.5V 40000A Rectifier
  • Size: 1600 x 3200 x 2800


Cyclone Electrowinning
100 Cells
  • 250mm dia x 1500mm H Cell
  • 7 t~7.5 ton / day
  • 2.5V 40000A x 5Rectifier
  • Size: 1600 x 3200 x 2800 x 5

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