Avimetal launches Security Token Offering

Avimetal Inc. is a USA company, registered in the State of Nevada in 2017.  Avimetal has developed number of revolutionary mining technologies, We offer a STO equivalent with stock we issued. 

How does it work?

Avimetal’ s mission is providing digital stocks for commercializing developed mining technology with environment friendly process. Save earth’s water!

Replacing paper stock is one of our STO’s main features.

I is a basic attribute of any money, AVM added new features to its meaning.

It allows to survive due to its utility in black and grey market use cases.

The permissionless nature of AVM is a key trading point in the eyes of people

Using AVM token according to your desire will be full with one of digital wallets.

Blockchain is already proved in cryptocurrency world. It made a revolution in finance sphere.

How is STO Token Structure?

AVM’s rate is so rapidly changing that our revenue  is either rising or falling several times a day calculate your ASIC cost price use STO trader site.

With its help you can foresee how much you wish to invest and how much profit you will receive.


April 2017
Incorporated Corporation
Avimetal Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada with 30 million of common shares.
April 2017
March 2017
Developed Electrostatic Separator
Avimetal has developed a commercial model of electrostatic concentrator where mining industry will use the ore concentration without using traditional gravity water concentration.
March 2017
September 2017
Develpoved Micronization System
Micronization milling system will replace traditional ball milling or Raymond milling.
September 2017

How to buy Tokens

A AVM Token is a digital stock equivalent one common stock. It is restricted to sell token to US resident per SEC Reg S, and accredited financial agents in USA per SEC Reg. D. No Foreigner Restriction!

Pre STO Sale

January 1 - June 30, 2022

1 AVM = $2 USD
Non Public Sale
3,000,000 AVM
Buy Now!

Initial STO Sale

July 1 - December 31, 2022

1 AVM = $2.25 USD
Non USA Resident Sale
Accredited Agent Sale
No Restricted to Oversea Sale
3,000,000 AVM
Open Soon!

STO Seed Sale

January 1 - December 31, 2023

1 AVM = up to $2.50 USD
Accredited Agent
6,000,000 AVM

Distibution of Tokens

AVM token is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 10 million – distribute
  • 5 million – Reserved Funding
  • 12 million – Founder
  • 1.5 million – Advisors
  • 1.5 million – Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with all the information about AVM, ways and methods of payment and the recent rates.

A. Electronic shares or digital shares are shares that are represented in some form on an electronic stock ledger. These have the same properties as paper shares, just that they are recorded only in electronic form. Therefore the stock price is based on performance of the company.

Our Projects

Our Recent Projects using our technologies for mining industry

Slag Recycle

Ultra Fine Raptor Mill is a patented, innovative, and commercialized method for particle size reduction to reduce, within seconds, solids that are capable of fracturing into a particle-sized powder.

01. Micronization Milling System

Graphene oriented invention relates to tribo-electrostatic separator for the mineral ore beneficiation using graphene coated electrostatic plate feeding mechanism and delivery system device.

02. Electrostatic Separators

An improved method and apparatus is a new concept of an electrochemical cells which allows improved productivity of metals by using graphene orientation on the anode surface.

03. Graphene Cyclone Electrowinning
Cold Plasma reactor

Plasma is a new and potentially revolutionary system which uses an advanced state of matter called plasma, but it is also a very special type of plasma called “cold plasma.” Our proprietary of technology for clod plasma apples for refining rare metals and minerals.

04. Cold Plasma System
2015-05-07 11.36.51

We have developed affordable low costs of compact sized RF Plasma Gasification System from 120 KW system to 960 KW system which will be available to install in parallel and increase capacity by implementing multiple feeders and torches in one system. It is modular concept of turnkey system is simply plug-in system.

05. Hot Plasma Plant

Latent Gold and Palladium are existed in AL2O3, Fe2O3, SiO2, NaCl (Gold Chloride). Chemical will covert those elements to AL(OH3) Fe (OH3), ALO2, FeO2, SiO3 and Gold chloride in NACL will be metalized by electrons generated by balls due to friction inside the ball mill.

06. Aluminum Slag Recycle
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How to buy Tokens

AVM’s rate is so rapidly changing that our revenue is either rising or falling several times a day.

Name Price:STO Token Exchange from January 1, 2023
Hard Cap:$10 000 000
Stock Rate:1 AVM = up to $2.50 USD

Our Teamship

Our Professional Management Team

Snapshot_20101017_12 - Copy
James Gim
CEO -Former Boeing Representative

Expert in Aerospace Engineering and Invented over 100 projects.

Richard Woodford
Project Chemist/Metallurgist

Head of Technical Dept.

Consult Ico.

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James GimSpeaker, CEO of Avimetal


James GimSpeaker, Chief Engineer


Theresa BarnesSpeaker, Patent Attorney