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AVIMETAL is a research and development company, incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2017, integrating latest technologies special for precious metal and non ferrous metal refining processing systems using own graphene technologies.  diversified sectors, mainly in South America and the United States.

Avimetal Co., Ltd., in Korea is  system and plant manufacturer about to revolutionize the mineral processing sector with environmentally friendly mineral processing technologies such as ultra-fine micronization milling, electrostatic separation, cyclone electrowinning and hot and cold plasmas.


Cost Effective Solutions

We provide innovative and cost-effective industrial solutions. Every professional in our team is always ready to help. AVIMETAL improves metal recovery rate using our technologies for all mining industries. Meet our honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship!

Replacing traditional gravity concentration and floatation, requires tons of water.

Toxic sodium cyanide has been used in gold mining since 1887, and it remains the primary reagent in use for gold processing today because it allows for efficient extraction of gold from low-grade ore.

Extractive metallurgical and smelting processes can be highly polluting activities. Some facilities that carry out metal and smelting processes are known to emit high quantities of air pollutants such as hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, offensive and noxious smoke fumes, vapors, gases, and other toxins.

Easy permission nature of AVM process is a key mineral processing point in the eyes of people in mining industry.

Using AVM standard process of system according to your desire production plan will be full with one of our proprietary plants.

Dry concentration is already proved in mining industry. It made a revolution in ore concentration process without using water.

Clean Mining!

We have arrived in the “Clean Mining,” where our dry concentration will play an increasing role in the global waste water management. That’s why we’re working with customers around the world to deliver groundbreaking technology in this new era of technology.


April 2017
Incorporated Corporation
Avimetal Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada with 1 billion of common shares.
April 2017
March 2017
Developed Electrostatic Separator
Avimetal has developed a commercial model of electrostatic concentrator where mining industry will use the ore concentration without using traditional gravity water concentration.
March 2017
September 2017
Develpoved Micronization System
Micronization milling system will replace traditional ball milling or Raymond milling.
September 2017

Mineral Processing Facility Project Plan

In the United States,
the world’s first dry
concentration plant
utilizing revolutionary
polymer graphene oriented
electrostatic separation
technology will be built on 54 acres of
property at Beatty, Nevada,
purchased by Coronet

Henderson Office

January 1, 2022

Sourcing Minerals
Gold and Silver Ore
Slimes and Slags
3,000,000 Tons Stock

Beatty Dry Concentration Plant

August 1 - December 31, 2022

100 tons per day
Electrostatic Concentration
20 tons per day production
5~20% Concentration
Open Soon!

LV Mineral Trading Complex

January 1 - December 31, 2023

up to 200 consignees
Onsite Purchase
Analytical Test
Shipping Logistics
>$1 billon trading

Stock Pile Inventory

Southwestern region of the U.S.A is the second largest gold deposits in the world through Nevada, California and Arizona. There used be several thousands of miners and smelters in these areas during gold rush in late 1800s.

There are few hundreds of closed smelters and over 20 million tons of slags are sitting around the closed smelters. We have owned contaracts currently 18 piles of slag in these areas. The slags still contain Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, and silver as matter of old metallurgy of technology could not refine them for high temperature of smelting and loss of atoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with all the information about AVM, ways and methods of payment and the recent rates.

A. Graphene is a single layer graphene: high surface area, Transparency, strength, thermal and  electrical conductivity, etc. Electrical Conductivity – Graphene is 100 times higher than copper wire, Transparency -It is amazingly transparent, absorbing just 2.3  percent of light that lands on it. – More transparent than ITO , 97% /1 layer, High Thermal Conductivity – 5,000 W/mK, – 2 times higher than Diamond, High Strength – Breaking strength is 200 times larger than steel, Flexibility / Elasticity -Tensile strength: 20 GPa. -Flexibility Failure strain > 20%. High specific surface area 2,630 m2/g, -1g of graphene can cover entire football field

The Design key point is the cylinder case is acted as Cathode, and the center rod is acted as Anode replacing concepts of anode and cathode plates. More-ever, we replace the material with graphene coated titanium casing and graphene titanium anode rod in pace of stainless steel casing and graphite anode rod. Replacing materials effect 15% more production rate due to benefit of more electrons transmission  and improve durability which will be corroded by chemical action on 316L stainless steel. 

Our Projects

Avimetal’s system replaces a ball mill or Raymond mill with
a micronization milling system, which saves on electrical power, plant size and produces smaller particles of up to 400 to 600 mesh.

Slag Recycle

Ultra Fine Raptor Mill is a patented, innovative, and commercialized method for particle size reduction to reduce, within seconds, solids that are capable of fracturing into a particle-sized powder.

01. Micronization Milling System

Graphene oriented invention relates to tribo-electrostatic separator for the mineral ore beneficiation using graphene coated electrostatic plate feeding mechanism and delivery system device.

02. Electrostatic Separators

An improved method and apparatus is a new concept of an electrochemical cells which allows improved productivity of metals by using graphene orientation on the anode surface.

03. Graphene Cyclone Electrowinning
Cold Plasma reactor

Plasma is a new and potentially revolutionary system which uses an advanced state of matter called plasma, but it is also a very special type of plasma called “cold plasma.” Our proprietary of technology for clod plasma apples for refining rare metals and minerals.

04. Cold Plasma System
2015-05-07 11.36.51

We have developed affordable low costs of compact sized RF Plasma Gasification System from 120 KW system to 960 KW system which will be available to install in parallel and increase capacity by implementing multiple feeders and torches in one system. It is modular concept of turnkey system is simply plug-in system.

05. Hot Plasma Plant

Latent Gold and Palladium are existed in AL2O3, Fe2O3, SiO2, NaCl (Gold Chloride). Chemical will covert those elements to AL(OH3) Fe (OH3), ALO2, FeO2, SiO3 and Gold chloride in NACL will be metalized by electrons generated by balls due to friction inside the ball mill.

06. Aluminum Slag Recycle
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Mineral Trading Complex-lv_페이지_13

How to trade minerals

Through Avimetal’s Las Vegas mineral trade complex, hundreds kind of mineral ore will be consignee sales. Mineral buyers all over the world  are able to purchase and long term supply contacrts through single point.

Complex ProjectProject will be starting from January 1, 2023
200 Sources200,000 tons on stock
Commodities;Ore Concentrate, Loaded Carbons, Slime, Slag

Our Teamship

Our Professional Management Team

James Gim
Chairman -Former Boeing Representative

Expert in Aerospace Engineering and Invented over 100 projects.

Dae Sung Jin
Richard Woodford
Project Chemist/Metallurgist

Head of Technical Dept.

Hue Ryul You
Vice President

Project Management

Seung Jae Lee
Advisor / Phd.

Chemist. Currently acting cheif researcher at Lumimac

Sang Jin Kim
Advisor / Phd.

Hot and Gold Plasma Specilist. Current acting a chief researcher at Korea Institute of Material Science

Jeeeun Min
Advisor / Phd.

Plant Design / Mining Plant / Civil Engineering


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James GimSpeaker, CEO of Avimetal


James GimChairman of Avimetal & Coronet Metals


Theresa BarnesSpeaker, Patent Attorney

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