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We have Innovative and Creative Mineral Processing Technologies


Micronizing Technologies

400~600 mesh by our mill

Electrostatic Concentration

Separating conductive and non-conductive material without water

Cyclone Electrowinning System

Refine Selective Metals without Toxic Chemical

Non Toxic Chemical Leaching

No more Cynanide




Mining Solutions



Products Developed



Project Completed



Innovative Mineral Processing Technologies

Plant Design
Products Developed
Dry Concentration
Refining Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept a Letter of Credit or TT for payment of the product. Order for ore should be referred to the next Q & A. 

1. Buyer issues LOI (Letter Of Intent). Full information Buyer Issuing Bank TOP 10 to 25

2. Seller issues SCO (Soft Corporate Offer).

3. Buyer issues ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) with bank

4. Seller issues FCO.

5. Buyer returns the FCO signed in 3 days

6. Seller issues Draft Contract.

7. Buyer returns the Draft Contract signed in 5 days 

8. After return the Draft signed, the buyer through his bank has 10 days to issue LC for buyer bank.

9. After receiving LC, seller through his bank have 5 days to issue PB- (Performance Bond) and POP(Proof Of Product) to buyer bank.

10. In 60 days, seller’s bank issues an invitation letter for inspection of SGS or similar through its bank and BL (Bill of Lading).

11. Delivery starts according to the terms and conditions of the order

Licensing package is granted to fabricate Avimetal's preprietary product locally and sales is limited within region assigned by Avimetal. Full Knock Down (FKD) or Semi Knock Down(SKD) kit is available for locan fabrication. 

Our Expert Member

Amalia Edinson
Marketing Manager
James Gim
Founder & CEO

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Our Projects

Lead Mine - Galena

65% higher Lead Ore (Galena) with 30 million tons on surface.

Copper Mine - Peru

3-5% Copper Ore will be concentrated to 30~30% by electrostatic concentrator. 15 million tons of copper ore deposit

Gold Mine

North Carolina

Our Clients

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Douglas Ashworth Managing Director

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Mahin Door Manager


Airframe Technology

Gas Turbine Engine

Aviation Terminology

Aircraft General

Aircraft Basic Vol 1-4

World Mining Magazine

KPS Gas Turbine Engine Business Feasibility Report

MRO and Aviation Park Plan