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  • Product Information Untra Fine Milling Machine up to 600 mesh
  • Model / Capacity 25 Horse Power / 100 ~200 Kg / Hour 100 Horse Power / 1-3 tons / Hour 150 Horse Power / 5 - 10 tons / Hour
  • Order Turnaround Time 60 days

Micron Mill

Introducing a Revolution in Mineral Processing: The Ultra-Fine Raptor Mill

The significance of fine particles in gold ore mineral processing cannot be overstated. Most gold particles are incredibly small, often referred to as a ‘micron silica cluster’ due to their containment within silica. It is well-known that the smaller the particle size, the greater the amount of gold that can be efficiently recovered.

Enter the Ultra-Fine Raptor Mill, a groundbreaking concept designed to enhance the extraction of precious metals and minerals through fine grinding. This innovative mill offers a more efficient and effective method of processing compared to conventional techniques such as ball mills, impact mills, hammer mills, Raymond mills, and tower mills.

The process begins with crushing and milling, but what sets the Ultra-Fine Raptor Mill apart is its patented and commercialized ultra-fine micronization milling. This method rapidly reduces solids to a particle-sized powder in a matter of seconds, achieved through high-frequency air pressure fluctuation and a rotating impeller generating a tornado/vortex airstream. The material is efficiently transported into the mill’s spiral chamber, where particles are evenly distributed for milling.

The potential impact of the Ultra-Fine Raptor Mill on the mineral processing industry is profound. By producing smaller particle sizes, it allows for a greater recovery of gold and other precious metals. This cutting-edge technology boasts higher speed, increased efficiency, and economic advantages, all contributing to improved metal recovery rates.

In conclusion, the Ultra-Fine Raptor Mill represents a revolutionary advancement in mineral processing. Its ability to finely grind and extract minerals, particularly precious metals, sets it apart as an efficient, economical, and game-changing solution for the industry. Embracing this innovative technology can lead to significant improvements in metal recovery, cementing its place as a transformative force in the field of mineral processing.

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