Cyclone Electrowinning System

Simply Cyclone Electro-winning technology has significant advantages over conventional electrowinning like single-step method is enough for the treatment of these solutions and overcoming the demand to return the contained copper to the process.  The key benefits;

  • The working principle of Cyclone Electrowinning technology is significantly at higher current densities than in conventional tanks.  The result is a marked elevation in production rate per square meter of the cathode and a resultant reduction in capital costs.
  •  From an engineering perspective, the Cyclone Electrowinning circuit has extremely simple few moving parts.  With modular construction, it suits progressive installation/expansion and ease of relocation.
  • The operating windows under which the technology maintains product quality and high current efficiency are extremely broad – with one of the technology’s inherent features being its capability to electrowinning metals efficiently down to very low concentrations.
  • Electrowinning is generally performed at ambient temperature and no additives are required to sustain high product quality.  Further, the cell is totally enclosed and does not result in an ‘acid mist’ problem with consequent and potentially significant savings in capital cost in building and infrastructure.
  • In a solution, the Cyclone Electrowinning cell is more tolerant of contaminants than a conventional cell.
  • High mass transport capabilities of Cyclone Electrowinning cell maximize recovery of the target metal and thereby minimize co-plating of other metals.
  • Its closed nature and the lack of a ‘waterline’ in the cell result in significantly higher tolerance to entrained organic and chlorides.  In its standard configuration, the cell does not contain a lead-based anode, therefore excluding a potential source of contamination of the product.
  • Capital cost of the electrowinning circuit is relatively low, particularly considering the size of the operation.

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