New Services

Trade Non Ferrous Metals

We can supply high concentrated non ferrous metal ores in long term.

  • 45% copper density or higher grade of ores
  • 70% lead density or higher grade of ores
  • 80% Zinc density or higher grade of ores

Graphene Application Patents

Graphene  Applications on Aerospace are on sale! Available patents are 49.


Aerospace Engineering

World first concept of collapsible air cargo containers, licensed by DK Aviation, approved by FAA TSO certificate, are challenging a change in air cargo industry. More licensing available!

Licensing Our Technology

In flight Entertainment System, and automatic vending machine are available for licensing. Add an innovative item we have already developed into our revenue model.

Mining Processing System Design

Costs effective plant design! Micronization through refining! Innovative process and environment friendly process!

Urban Mining System Design

Environmental Friendly Plant design.  Our system replaces a toxic Cyanide deplating process and incineration of PCBs

FAA PMA Parts Design

PMA is a Parts Manufacturing Authorization by FAA. PMA market is expanding. Enter into aviation industry if you are capable of manufacturing mechanical, electrical and electronic parts,

Copper Production Plant

No need smelting copper anode! It is electrowinning(EW) in place of electro-refining. EW will get rid of smelting process, causes generation of lots of CO2 and toxic fume.

What We Offer

  • Vilcabamba Lead Mine Project

    The current "Start-of-Operations” 20,000-ton lead production “Mine Plan" has been developed on behalf of...

Our Researches

Graphene Technologies

We helped to file of 48 provisional U.S patents and 3 non-provisional patents for aerospace applications. 49 more patents are ready for file!

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Corporate Values

Innovation of Air Cargo Industry

Our world first concept of collapsible air cargo container was licensed to DK Aviation. This collapsible container has obtained FAA TSO certificate 2019.

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Licensing Services

Licensing our idea for many industries

We are selling our innovative ideas, technologies and patents who has capability of manufacturing

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