Vilcabamba Lead Mine Project

The current "Start-of-Operations” 20,000-ton lead production “Mine Plan" has been developed on behalf of Mr. Douglas Ashworth, PRG S.A., et al. and his associates in South KoreaThis project is located in Peru in the department of Cusco province of Convention and in the district of Vilcabamba which covers an area of 600 hectares of lead deposits.  The method of exploitation used is that of open cut and in some cases underground.

The situation in which the mine protection is located will require a series of conditioning work, both on the surface and in the underground, being the primary basis for initiating operations in the unit via the first 11,000 ton shipment to the port of Callao.

Within the system of veins and on the surface that have good mineralization power the deposit has resources of lead, silver, gold beds. Studies revealed that approximately 20,000,000 TM of recoverable Mineral Resources are estimated within the 600 hectares.

Per month production rate is 20,000 tons. With this Rhythm of monthly production, a lifetime of the 5-year mining operation is insured from this first of 5 lead deposits.

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