Portable Power Station with Lithum Battery Pack


  • Portable trailer with adjustable wheels
  • Casual operation will be allowed under less than 10 hP (7.4KW)
  • 3KW power pack can run centrifugal concentrator or electrostatic separator.
  • Power pack can be charged with solar panel, windmill, house AC and car battery.

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Portable Power Station with Lithum Battery Pack for Unpatented Mining Operation

Casual mining operation does not require the perpit from BLM. BLM defines a “Casual use”   means activities ordinarily resulting in no or negligible disturbance of the public lands or resources. For example –

(1) Casual use generally includes the collection of geochemical, rock, soil, or mineral specimens using hand tools; hand panning; or non-motorized sluicing. It may include use of small portable suction dredges. It also generally includes use of metal detectors, gold spears and other battery-operated devices for sensing the presence of minerals, and hand and battery-operated dry washers.

(2) Casual use does not include use of mechanized earth-moving equipment, truck-mounted drilling equipment, motorized vehicles in areas when designated as closed to “off-road vehicles” as defined in § 8340.0-5 of this title, chemicals, or explosives. It also does not include “occupancy” as defined in § 3715.0-5 of this title or operations in areas where the cumulative effects of the activities result in more than negligible disturbance.

Additional information

Rated Power

2500 VA

Peak Power

5000 VA

Product Dimension

530mm(20.9 in) X 320mm(12.6 in) X 430mm(16.9 in)

Gross Weight

41kg(90 lbs)

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

2688Wh, 105Ah (25.6V) > 2000 cycles

AC Output

Pure-Sine Wave, THD<3%, 100/110/120/220/230/240V 50/60Hz

DC Output

Cigarette Lighter – 12V/10A, 6mm port 12V/6A, USB 5V/3.1A, QC3.0, Type C PD60W

Charge by AC

100~120V /200~240V, Max. 300W,12 hour fully charged.

Charge by Solar Panel

36~140V, Max. 600W 5 hours fully charged

Charge by Car Cigarrett

12~15V / 24~30V,Max.160W 24 hours fully charged

Charge by Windmill

3AC 22~26V, Max. 600W 5 hours fully charged

Quick DC Charger - Anderson S850/120

3AC 22~26V, Max. 600W 5 hours fully charged