Electrostatic Separator – Belt Type 100mA


  • Replace water gravity concentration
  • Separating micron size of mineral
  • Low power less than 3 KW
  • Operate with solar power source
  • Built Dry Washing System
  • Including Air Classfier, Impuse Dust Collector and Air Cyclone.

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Electrostatic concentrator is a dry separating equipment in the high voltage electric field, which eliminate the mineral according to the differences of materials electricity nature. It is widely used in sorting titanium, zirconium, rutile, monazite, iron, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, tin and other precious minerals. It can separate material which’s particle size is from micron size mineral to 2mm. Its capacity is 3 tons per hour with four rollers system and 3 KW of power.

Additional information


110/220V 3KW

Static Electricity

0~60000V 100 mA

High Voltage Current

0 ~ 100mA

Overal Size

1080 x 2160 x 1400mm

Gross Weight

1100 kg

Number of Plates (Pair)

1 Electrode Belt + 1 Cathode Belt

Production Capacity

10 ~ 20 tons per hour