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Gold Dirt Concentration by Electrostatic Concentor with Dry Washer

Gold dirt, also known as “pay dirt,” is a term used to describe the soil or gravel that contains gold particles in placer mining. Placer mining is a method of extracting gold that involves washing sediments and gravel from riverbeds, stream beds, and other water bodies.

When water flows through an area with gold deposits, the gold particles are eroded from their original source and carried downstream. Over time, the gold particles settle in the sediments and gravel in the waterway. Miners can then use various methods to extract the gold from the pay dirt, including panning, sluicing, and dredging.

Gold dirt can vary in the amount of gold it contains, with some deposits having very little gold and others having high concentrations. The quality and quantity of gold in the pay dirt can impact the profitability of the mining operation. Therefore, miners will often take samples of the dirt to analyze before investing in equipment and labor for extraction.

The placer mine claims are located in the Goldfield Mining District in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The claims are approximately 5 miles north of Goldfield and just to the east of Highway 95.
The physical location of the claims is in the Big Wash drainage, which drains from the main areas of gold mineralization and mining areas of the Goldfield Mining District. The district has a history of gold mining exceeding 100 years.

As with every gold mining district there are boom and bust periods of exploration and mining. Recent activities have proved gold mineralization to the south of this potential placer deposit.
The location to the Orion Placer Claims was and still is ideal for the deposition of Gold into the Big Wash area.

Gild Dirt Concentration by Electrostatic Separator

1) Steam Drier 2) Bucket Elevator 3) Electrostatic separating - conductive and non-coductive minerals. 4) Air Cyclone 5) Impulse Dust Collector