Lead Ore – Galena

Commodity: Galena – High Contents of Lead Ore (60-90%)

Deposit: 30,000,000 tons


The San Fernando community lies within the Inkawazi District of La Convencion Province, Cusco Department of Peru, South America. Within the community’ s boundaries are 20,000 acres of mountains, valleys and rivers, containing massive unmined reserves of lead, silver, copper and gold. The exploitation of the massive lead reserves is planned with special attention to reducing environmental impact to the ar ea, via the use of dry concentrating technology and graphene filtration systems.

The mining plan involves a partnership with the community that allows them to claim the tailings for selling as construction and road project materials. The method of creating tailings, is via electrostatic separation of the conductive ore, leaving nonconductive ore as usable construction materials. The community, welcomes the implementation of an electrostatic plant onsite of the mining location, that can expand as the mining volume increases.