Low Costs All Terrains Military Compat Purpose Mini Truck

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Low Costs All Terrains Military Compat Purpose Mini Truck

March 22, 2023 admin Comments Off

Avimetal is at the forefront of developing innovative military solutions, and our latest concept aims to revolutionize battlefield safety and mobility. In the wake of recent conflicts, such as the tragic events along the Ukrainian frontline, it has become clear that soldiers require more effective protection to minimize casualties. With this in mind, Avimetal has designed a lightweight, compact, and agile military vehicle specifically tailored for combat situations.

Drawing inspiration from all-terrain karts and off-road beach cars currently on the market, our cutting-edge design incorporates numerous enhancements to boost performance and resilience. Central to our vision is the replacement of conventional carbon steel structures and bodies with our proprietary graphene CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) material, significantly reducing weight while maintaining exceptional strength and durability.

Our vehicle’s tires will be made of advanced graphene rubber and will feature airless, puncture-resistant designs to ensure reliable all-terrain operation. The wheels will also be constructed from graphene FRP for added bullet protection, with wheel covers providing an extra layer of safety.

Designed for a two-soldier crew, this specialized military vehicle offers a range of up to 200-300 km on a single 12-liter fuel tank. Compact in size, measuring 2600 mm in length, 1550 mm in width, and 1600 mm in height, our vehicle has an estimated tare weight of less than 200 kg.

The vehicle’s rear trunk offers storage for compact supplies such as ammunition, while a machine gun can be mounted on the roof. Additionally, soldiers can fire rifles from within the safety of the vehicle’s interior. State-of-the-art detection systems, including human body sensors and other cutting-edge electronic technologies, provide comprehensive situational awareness to keep soldiers one step ahead on the battlefield.

With Avimetal’s revolutionary lightweight military vehicle, soldiers can face combat situations with enhanced protection, mobility, and confidence, ultimately saving lives and improving mission outcomes.

Vehicle Size;

2600 x 1550 x 1600 mm

Gasoline Engine;

200 cc


Electric Starter


Graphene CFRP, Graphene Carbon Steel Composite

Estimated Vehicle Weight;

<200 Kg


70 KPH

Fuel Tank Capacity;

12 Liters

Brake System;

Both Front and Rear Wheels – Graphene Carbon Brakes

Shock Absorption;

Front and Rear


13.12” Graphene CFRP wheel


Airless Graphene Rubber made


Independent Suspension Frame made of Graphene CFRP

Gear Position;




Milage with full tank;

200 KM to 300 KM


AC & Heating system integrated