Mineral Trading Cluster

April 27, 2022 admin Comments Off

Angola and surrounding countries have vast mineral reserves, and its economy is among the fastest-growing in the world. The truly concept of  mineral cluster in Angola will be the world’s first mineral industry cluster for the worldwide. Their core competencies cover the complete various mineral processes, from the design, test, manufacture and fitting out, to the device, systems and structures. Put together, this makes Angola the biggest site in the mining industry worldwide for trade and manufacturing mining equipment under license by Avimetal. Together they pursue a common goal: to network research and development, thereby bringing to market high-quality products and services for the mineral processing technology of the future –products and set the standards in terms of resource protection.

Key Benefits of the Country

  • Job Creation
  • Environment Friendly Process – No water and No Toxic Chemical, Cyanide or Mercury
  • Contribute Country’s GNP and Economic growth
  • Increase business visitors

Key Benefits of the mineral trader/end of buyers

  • Source accredited mineral supply online and offline
  • Prevent from mineral scams
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